Graduate Diploma In Accounting In University Of London



Graduate Diploma In Accounting is started in London University. A great opportunity to boost your career as accountant. This Diploma will help you to understand basic principles of account and will make you expert.


This diploma is suitable for your personal and professional need/reasons. Graduates/Post Graduates of any discipline are eligible. It is also suitable for you also if your fist degree is in unrelated field.  It aim to provide throughout grounding in principles of accounting. Will aware Variety of perspectives and international dimension.

Program Structure and Information

You must have to pass the full courses to complete the program.

It Comprises Four Courses.

1- Principles of Accounting

2- Financial management and Corporate Finance

Two Courses chosen from

1- Financial Reporting

2- Auditing and Assurance

3- Management Accounting

4- Management and Securities Analysis

Fee Structure 

You have to pay total fee £2018 to University. It is minimum time period fee. The further information is available on University Website.

Application Dead Line is                   1st oct

Registration Dead Line   is               30 Nov

Examination                                       May/June


Click here to see further information on University Website