How To Prevent ISP Monitoring, Safe Browsing Tips


As I told you in my previous article that you can not connect with internet by your own that why Internet service providers provide you internet services. But there was a problem that ISP monitor all activities you do online. But with these 3 steps, you can stop ISP monitoring.

Use Virtual Private Networks


Virtual private network is a method to add security and privacy over public networks like wifi and internet. By using this method you can encrypt all your internet activities. We call it VPN in the short term. Vpn replaced your real IP address with one from VPN. This method allows to attain different Ip addresses  from  the VPN provider. It also encrypts your real location because it assigns you up of a different city or country. For example, you live in Sad Diego but with a VPN you can appear to live in Amsterdam. It encrypts your IP foot prints on the internet. ISP sees your IP address and therefore knows who you are and what you are doing on the internet. And VPN hides your IP with VPN IP and create private tunnels to encrypt your all IP footprints. VPN encrypts all the traffic sent through ISP to the VPN server you are connected. It prevents the ISP from being able to see you are doing online or websites your visiting. Your ISP only can see your IP and then he knows who you are but VPN connection will hide you IP. When you are using VPN nothing can track back to you. VPN was designed to secure transit of data. VPN provider help people keep data and internet activities, safe from the ISP, Attackers, and even the government.

Here is list of some top Virtual Private networks

1- IPVanish

2- NordVPN

3- PureVPN

4-Hide My Ass VPN

5-AnchorFree Hotspot Shield Elite

6- Super VPN


Use Tor Browser

Tor or Onion Router developed by Tor project. It encrypts your all data and browsing history with a security layer. It is a browsing tool like chrome, Firefox and Safari. But the difference is Chrome, Firefox, Safari can not hide and encrypt your data from ISP but Tor can. Tor passes your data through a peel of another layer of encryption. Tor works a little bit different as compare to VPN. Tor network is composed of volunteers who use their computers as nodes and when a Tor visitor search or visit any website. Tor creates a path through randomly assigned nodes. I show you with a diagram how Tor works. It does not go straight to server, Tor user different volunteer computers to hide your real identity.  You can download Tor Browser for free.


USE HTTP Everywhere

HTTP Everywhere is an extension of Chrome and Firefox and Opera. It is developed by collaboratively by Tor project and Extronic Frontier Foundation. It is open free source browser extension.  It secures web browsing by encrypting both requests from browser to websites. It was developed to make it easier for people to make their user names and passwords and other private data secure. It makes websites, secure by HTTPS connections instead of HTTP. HTTPS everywhere was inspired by Google’s increased use of HTTPS. When the browser loads ay URL, HTTPS Everywhere then try to match this URL against rulesets and one of those rules matches HTTPS Everywhere rewrites the URL according to the rule attribute. HTTPS connection will only work if the site has HTTPS certificate installed. So forcing HTTPS on a site without a valid certificate could cause browser errors. This is beneficial for website admin.