The very favorite fruit that we eat empty stomach, became the cause of death. What fruit is that


Eating Litchi Empty Stomach Is Very Dangerous


According to the British news agency, the scientists say that in the Muzaffarpur district of Indian state of Bihar, from the past two decades Children’s deaths are getting because of empty belly litchi food, in which a toxic chemical is found. According to scientists, Litchi which has been produced in this area contains a high amount of Hipo glasheen chemical. Children get sick due to eating it and after sometimes their death occurs later.

According to the report, the children took to the hospital for treatment who were sick because litchi food, blood test, and urine tests often show that a number of chemical elements were present. Some of them had been eaten the excessive amount of the litchi in empty stomach and they didn’t eat food, but the only litchi. In this case the, effect of these elements are more painful. Scientists say it is important to give a limited amount of litchi to children and give them proper food before litchi.