Who is the owner of the internet and how internet regulated?


I told you in my previous article How the internet was invented  that the internet is decentralized network of computers and it does not rely on a central computer. There is no company or government that owns the internet. However, there are some non profitable standards organizations that overseas the management of the internet addresses. Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers (ICANN) is the non profitable organization that overseas the technical coordination of domains and allows internet addresses.

Who are Internet Service Providers and what they do?

You can’t connect to the internet with your own. Because to connect your one computer to the other country’s computer network is very costly. You need a huge cost to spend and you will face many technical and other difficulties. That’s why you choose internet service providers. They spend all cost and face all technical and other difficulties on your behalf and in return you pay fees for using internet like you pay a toll to get into highway. Your internet service providers connect your computer to their ISP computers which are already connected with internet. Your computers  use their computers like a gateway.  Gateway is a way from which your computer connects to the internet.

Can my ISP see everything I do online?

When you think about Internet service providers, the first thing comes to mind (can my internet service provider see everything I do online?). The Websites I visit all graphics I download and emails.  The answer is YES. ISP can see everything you do online even can ready your emails.

Can I stop ISP Spying ?

2nd question cos to mind, can I stop ISP spying me? The answer is also YES. There are some methods by using them you can prevent ISP monitoring. You can know these methods in this article HOW TO PREVENT ISP MONITORING